Greenie the Dino

Greenie the Dino

Nissan Trailseeker MTB 2019

Saturday 29 June 2019 the second leg of the Nissan Trailseeker MTB series was located North of Pretoria at ARC Roodeplaat, the perfect host for the SA XCM Championships. This event is a bushveld haven and only a few minutes’ drive outside the city. Riders just cant get enough of this location, yet another sell out event, with over 2800 participants. RCC members was there to represent their club.

1st photo from left

Sheldon Kukard = 70km
Anthony Kukard = 70km

2nd photo

Tracey Andrews = 70km

3rd photo from left

Louise Kemp = 40km
Francois Kemp = 40km

4th photo, RCC juniors in green and blue jersey’s from left

John-William Lang = 40km
Antonie Lit =40km
Travis de Lange = 40km

5th photo, RCC junior lady

Caitlin Thompson =40km

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