The past weekend was the Bestmed Cycle4CANSA mountain bike and road cycling challenge.

The mountain bike race took place on Saturday 24th of August 2019 and consisted of two distances, 50km and a 25km.

Followed by the road race on Sunday 25 August 2019 and consisted of three distances, 103km, 70km and 1km kids ride.

Monique du Plessis
2nd in the 25km (1:11:28)

Caitlin Thompson
1st in the 25km (1:08:31)

Anneke Steenkamp
3rd in the 25km (1:13:58)

Vanessa Kleyn
2nd in die 70km (2:06:01)

Caitlin Thompson
1st in 70km (1:55:12)

Monique du Plessis
3rd in 70km (2:10:25)

Johan v/d Merwe = 70km in 2:39
Michele Birks = 70km in 2:39

Adriaan 50km mountain bike race in 2:33:40

Braam Koekemoer 70km road in 2:36:29

Christa and Derick Snyman 103km road race in 4:11

Petro Riekert and Johan Raath, Tandem, 103km in 3:07:14

Benita and Gerrie Koekemoer 70km in 2:21

Dirk Stolz 103km (2:47)
Johan Hattingh 103km
Zelda du Pisane 103km
Caitlin Thompson 70km (1:55:12)
Gregg Taylor 103km (2:57)
Vaughan Townsend 103km
Danie Lombaard 103km (3:07)
Penny Fourie 103km
Hennie Fourie 103km
Darryl Thomson 103km