• It is very important to consume carbs on the road for any event that exceeds 60-90min
  • Start after 30min in the race to fill your reserves.
  • It is ideal to consume between 30-60g CHO/h.
  • The harder you cycle the more you have to consume.

Sports Drinks

You can use any sports drink, just be aware of the carbs content on the label.

32GI Endurance drink – 50g: 47 g

CHO GI 32 Accelerate High Intensity Race and training sports drink 75g+750ml water = 71g CHO (depending how hard you cycle and how much liquids you can carry, select the one that will work better for you) The more you can eat the less you have to drink, but be careful to consume enough liquids. You need to consume between 0.4-0.8l/hour or 90-120ml/15min. Monitor the colour of your urine to ensure you don’t dehydrate. The warmer the temperature, the more you need to drink!

Food Portions Providing 50 g of Carbohydrate

(Source: Peak Performance: training and nutritional strategies for sport J. Hawley and L. Burke. Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 1998).


Information kindly supplied by: Antonette Grant: Dietitian & Nutritionist
Address: 2 Robbin Ave, Safarituine Ext 3, Rustenburg, 0299, South Africa North West
PO Box: 20830, Protea Park, Rustenburg, 0305
Phone: 014 533 0028

Start 36-48h before the race. Carbo-loading is only necessary for ultra events. Your aim should be between 8-12g CHO/kg i.e. 640-800g. `n Loader such as USN enduro Carbs will help 75g (2 scoops) in 600ml water. 1 portion supplies 68,5g CHO. Drink 3 portions during the day with your meals to supply you additional carbs. Use the list above to help you make the correct food choices. You can increase your portion sizes at night, or eat a fruit or an extra slice of bread at lunch. You can also add a fruit salad with yogurt with your normal breakfast cereal in the morning.

Pre-event: You must eat or drink something the morning before the race, such as a Futurelife smoothie with banana and peanut butter. Your meal/drink prior to the event must supply at least 80g CHO. You can have a sports drink (60g) with a banana or peanut butter sandwich. Drink 2-4 hours prior to the race 400-800ml liquids.

For Recovery you need to consume between 1-1,5g CHO/kg and 15-20g Proteins. Ideal Recovery drinks include: USN Recovery MAX – it supplies 20g protein en 63g CHO. Other great recovery meals include:

  • Banana/dates/bun
  • Sandwich with biltong and a fruit
  • Pasta salad with chicken
  • 700ml sports drink with an energy bar
  • 500ml flavoured milk or drinking yogurt with a fruit
  • Pepto Pro