Club Championship

Qualifying Criteria

  • Members must complete at least 3of the qualifier races, of which at least onemust be a Blue race. Best 3 count, at least one of which must be a blue race.
  • Only races completed in Club colourswill count, except where the rider is a sponsored rider.
  • Participation in at least 6 club activities:
    1. Club rides (honesty based)
    2. Club challenge
    3. Double 90 club team (elite or social)
    4. Assist in a club event (marshal, setup, registration, etc.)
    5. AGM attendance

Championship Categories

  1. Junior Male/Female (Road/MTB) – Junior Champion (u/19)
  2. Male/Female (Road/MTB) – Club Champion (Overall)
  3. Male/Female (Road/MTB) – Veteran Champion (45-54)
  4. Male/Female (Road/MTB) – Masters Champion (55+)


NOTE: Your age is taken as it is at the end of 2019 (standard CSA measure).


Members are responsible for submission of their race results to

The following information is required:

  • Age at the end of 2019
  • Race name
  • Race distance (ladies)
  • Race time

Blue races

These are races that are classed as the more difficult races on the qualifier list and are subject to far greater competition. To qualify for the championship, you must complete at least one blue race from the list. Please note the comment with regard to Amashova and Satellite – for ladies, only the long distance qualifies as a blue race.


The mechanism in use is the exact same as is used for the national road seeding system. Each race has a weighting linked to its difficulty. All seeding indexes for the leader board will factor in the race weighting to smooth out easier races.

Seeding Example

Each members’ seeding will be calculated based on their respective genders overall winners time and a weighting will be applied for each race.

((Members Time / Winners Time) – 1) / weighting * 100

Example (assuming Bob is an RCC member):

  • Bob Sinclair’s result for 94.7:2h31m49s
  • Male overall winners result for 94.7: 2:15:26
  • Weighting for 94.7: 1.3

Bob Sinclair’s seeding index for this race is calculated as follows:

Convert times to minutes:
Bob Sinclair’s time: (2×60)+31+(49/60) = 154.82 minutes
Male winners time: (2×60)+15+(26/60) = 135.43 minutes

Formula is now applied:

((154.82/135.43)-1)/1.3*100 Bob’s seeding index = 11.0134