Greenie the Dino

Greenie the Dino

Nissan Trailseeker

On Saturday the 14th of September was the 5th edition of the Nissan Trailseeker.

Van Gaalens is known for its technical terrain and tough routes. The 2019 routes had new improved routes, ensuring a fun day out on the trails for any fitness level.

Jon Andrews and Tracey Andrews was brave enough to participated in the 70km.

Jon Andrews 3:31:18 and Tracey Andres 4:35:44

Kita Uys 2nd in the 40km
Marjone Strydom 1st in the 40km
Caitlin Thomson 3rd in the 40km

Henrique Vos warming up for the 40km, 1:33:51

Johandre de beer warming up for the 40km, 1:36:55

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